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Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you again for all of your help and assistance with recent repairs, maintenance and project management'. We appreciate E2’s professional level of service and the ability to communicate easily with your team. The full range of services you provide is particularly helpful when boat owners must manage their boats from afar.   Having you and your team onsite to oversee and handle little details to big projects is a great help that brings peace of mind, and a very practical way to help your clients enjoy more boating time on the water!  Keep up the great work!

 The Riley’s – Nuevo Vallarta, Paradise Village Hatteras 52'

“Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you and let you know that I recommend you as a delivery captain. You completed my delivery from the Bahamas to Michigan in a timely fashion. There were times that you ran the boat all night in order to get it back to Michigan and meet my scheduled trip. I appreciate your dedication and commitment to making things happen. I also liked the great meals you fixed while we were on the fishing trip in San Sal and having everything ready each morning before we left for the day of fishing. You are a take-charge person. Thanks again for everything.”

--Harold Ziegler, MV Ziggy, 2009 Hatteras 72’

“Elizabeth, we want to thank you for the years of taking care of and running our yacht. The two years we spent in Paradise Village, you managed our yacht with complete professionalism, from having her clean and provisioned as we requested to managing the
yardwork in our absence. Your attention to detail in the ongoing maintenance a yacht
requires was greatly appreciated. Your skills as captain and in handling the yacht in all sorts of seas and weather are impressive. We have enjoyed our many trips with you up and down the Mexican coast and her final voyage, you safely delivering her to Newport Beach

--Dick and Lee Burd, MV Lion Heart, Defever 49 

Eugenie is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, personable and she is a great teacher. It is rare to find all these qualities in one person! We look forward to more lessons with Eugenie during the 2011-2012 season. Whenever friends ask us for a recommendation for a sailing instructor – from the most basic to advanced levels – we always send them to Eugenie!  
 --Cheryl and Thom Landgreen, SV Bolero, Puerto Vallarta

"Sometimes in life we're lucky enough to meet the perfect person to do the perfect job. Eugenie's extensive sailing knowledge and experience is shared with gentleness and grace. She respects and understands both her craft and students. She's honest, humorous, tri-lingual (!), strong in body, mind and spirit and a delight to be with whether sailing or on land. Thanks Eugenie!”

--Phileta and Dorothy

“Dear Elizabeth and Eugenie, Your combined professionalism and skills truly put a lot of my anxiety to rest and carried us through. Thanks so much. Our sailboat’s namesake, the Eagle, is a good metaphor for camaraderie and for good times: I hope to exploit this to the max in the coming years. You both are welcome to sail her anytime the opportunity permits. Love you both.”

--Gary and Marybeth, SV Eagle, Formosa 51'

June 15, 2014

Dear Captain Elizabeth,

We at Vallarta Yachts just wanted to thank you for your years for professionalism with our clients and happy to recommend you as a captain.  You are extremely capable and knowledgeable on all yacht sizes that we have sold from the 85’ Motor yacht to the 30’ Sailboat.  Taking boats to and from the yard for surveys, arranging and loading on Yacht path or other transport and delivering yachts on their bottom of all types up and down the Pacific Coast from Costa Rica to Alaska for our buyers and sellers.

Additionally you are able to work with our clients when they want to just hire you for specific trip when they have guests and don’t necessarily need a full time captain is a tremendous benefit. 

When a yacht leaves with you I never need to worry, you get the job done. I look forward to our continued relationship. It has been a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties. 

Please do not hesitate to have anyone contact me or from the USA and Canada 866-578-2636


Robert Kupps, Principal  June 2014